Moving Into A New Home? Remember To Check These Items

a moving truck is in front of a house

It is actually a common news that people leave behind many things as they move into their new place. Common as this news may seem, no one wants this happening, so we created a list for you to check when you are about to settle into your nest. This will help you make sure that you bring with your most valuable possessions. Make sure that all of these items have been transferred to you when buying a house.

a padlock is on top of a lot of small keys

  • Make sure that you have all keys and garage door openers. It is best to make sure that any extra copies of the keys are accounted for. Also make sure that you have all keys to anything else that you may need to get into such as safes, lockers, storage areas, etc.
  • Make sure that you have any or all manuals and warranties that are still valid for any appliance that is left in the house, this includes but is not limited to refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, dishwashing machine, microwave and separate freezer.
  • Make sure that you attain any and all security information such as the home security code, as well as the understanding of how to operate the home security system and contact information for the home security company.
  • If you are buying a house in a planned development or purchasing a condo make sure that you have any or all information related to any Homeowners Association guidelines and manuals if applicable.

emergency sign of a hospital

  • Be sure that you have any or all numbers pertaining to emergency services such as fire department, local police, local hospital, electricity, water, sanitation services. If possible also inquire about local services such yard service, plumbing, groceries, bakers, specialty stores, etc.

Now that you have possession of all the items that you required from the previous owners here is a list of things that you should do after taking possession of the property.

  • Change the locks to all the doors and entrances after you buy a house. You do not know who has had access to the house or who may happen to have an extra set of keys this will help ensure that you and whoever you choose are the only ones with access to the residence. Install new deadbolts for added security and peace of mind.

a vacuum cleaner cleaning a plum colored carpet

  • Pay a professional to clean your carpets. You will want to do this before moving any furniture in the house, if this house has been lived in for many years there are likely a lot of unwanted odors attached to the carpet that you might not smell upon the first inspection. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a worthwhile investment, however, if you want to save money you can rent a carpet cleaning device and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.
  • Find the main water valve and circuit breaker. You may want to dabble with the circuit breaker box a little so you know what fuse controls which section of your house, after figuring out this out be sure to accurately label them. You will also want to know how to turn off the main water valve as plumbing emergencies can arise, the sooner that you can get to the main water valve to cut off the supply of water means the less water damage that your house will incur saving you time and money.

cleaning supplies inside of a small light gray plastic bin

  • Give everything in the house a good deep cleaning, it is up to you to clean everything and make sure that is it totally sanitized, hiring a professional cleaning service is also an option.

Moving on to a new place certainly means that you are going to create brand new experiences, however, this doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind–especially certain things that are undoubtedly essential for your comfort and well-being.