What to Do When It’s Time to Sell Your Home

side view picture of a house for sale with the sign placed in front at the left side

You have finally decided to put your house on the market. Remember, selling a house doesn’t happen overnight. Certainly, you want to earn the biggest profit possible for selling your house, so in order to pocket the greatest amount of money you can make from the sale, there are important steps that you will have to take. Some of these steps are simple, others will take a little bit more effort but it will be well worth your time and energy.

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Consult an expert.

Talk to a real estate agent when you are trying to sell a house. These people are the experts, they know all of the tricks and tips to help you prepare to sell and get organized, generate interest in your property, improve curb appeal, and make the house sparkle. House-seekers will be in awe and delight when they see how miraculous your home looks.

hands of a woman wearing yellow gloves cleaning a window sill by using a green sponge

Clean every nook and cranny.

The most important task you can do is to clean everything from top to bottom, and neatly arrange the items in your home so it looks open and welcoming to potential buyers.  Dust the mantle to the fireplace, clean the window sills, polish everything in the bathroom and kitchens, wash those windows! Everybody loves a clean space.

Declutter the clutter.

Over the course of a lifetime, we tend to accumulate a lot of items. The garage that once held a car is now the home to endless supply boxes of Christmas decorations and unused fitness equipment. Consider having a yard sale or donating goods that you do not need. Minimize the number of bookcases, chairs, couches, dressers, and lamps. Think like a minimalist. When you are selling a home and looking to attract potential buyers, they want wide open spaces so they can imagine what the house will look like with their belongings, not yours.

a living room with a big sofa pushed up against the wall, two chairs at the side and a white table in the middle

Neutral colors on those walls.

We know you love that bold red paint in the kitchen, the green walls in the bedrooms, and the bright yellow living room. These colors may appeal to you, but others can be thrown off by so many different changes from room to room. Pick up a brush and start thinking neutral colors like tans, grays, or whites.

Do minor renovations.

If you want to spruce up when selling a home without breaking the bank, try making minor renovations yourself. Consider changing door knobs to something more appealing or even replace the door itself to give the house a bold, new look. Change faucet, hinges, and the fixtures and Bam! These changes will make the place look new without having to spend thousands of dollars or a lot of man hours to do so. 

When in doubt use your nose.

The way a house smells plays a very big part in selling a house. Your potential buyers will notice whatever aroma is wafting through the air. Avoid cooking anything that might leave a pungent or stinky smell like fish. Instead, try baking cookies or fresh bread to give the home an inviting aroma. Scented candles in the bathrooms is another good idea. Whichever scent you choose, try to keep it light and fresh.

If you follow these tips and the advice of your real estate agent, you significantly increase the chances of selling your home. These tips can also give a boost the chances your house being bought at a hefty amount. So go ahead, get your house sold.

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