Make The Right Choice When House-Hunting

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Hunting for that perfect house can be quite the adventure, but after a while, the search can become monotonous. It isn’t easy, but if you follow these tips you could be victorious on your hunt for the perfect house.

1. Make a list and check it twice.

Before you set out on your house hunting excursion, you need to identify your priorities. Sit down and consider what you want in a home. Remember, buying a house can be a long and strenuous process so you might as well get everything you want. Write down every detail with plenty of input from your family. Then pick the top 5 non-negotiables on that list and stick to it.

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2. Research online.

It can be tempting to set out and drive through all of the neighborhoods that you desire to live in and look for open house signs, but it would much more efficient and less time-consuming to search online. It will be a lot easier to find and attend open houses online, also you can learn a lot more about the property this way.

3. Compare the houses you like.

After seeing a few houses you will start to lose track of details pertaining to each one. By taking notes and comparing the houses that you have visited, it becomes easier to evaluate which houses stood out to you. It will also serve as a good reference for you to fall back on when selecting and buying a house.

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4. Screen homes using open houses as a guise.
Yes, that does sound a little bit nefarious, but instead of setting up a private viewing for every single home that you might be interested in, go to an open house to make sure that it is worth your time to set up a private showing.

5.  Don’t obsess over one neighborhood.
The location might be everything, but if you are only interested in buying a home in a certain neighborhood you will find your house-hunting more difficult as you have limited your options to a specific location. Especially if you are working with a set budget and don’t have that much wiggle room. A better idea might be to target the qualities that you are looking for in a neighborhood or community and then search for houses that might match your requirements.

6.  Use your imagination to fill out space
A lot of times when doing a walk through, the homeowner will still be residing in the house so naturally, their furniture and items will still occupy space. Just imagine the extra bedroom as an office, a gym, or possibly a nursery. Remember nothing is permanent in the house, you can paint or remodel in any way that you like.

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7. Not every fixer upper is worth the effort.

Buying a home that needs a little TLC can be a great way to get more bang for your buck, but you have to consider the size of the project that you will be taking on. Before you start imagining kitchen renovations or demolishing the walls, consider the time, cost, and effort that it will take to mold this house into the one of which you have been dreaming. Knocking down a non-load-bearing wall is very expensive, possibly thousands of dollars. Knocking down a load-bearing wall would be tens of thousands of dollars. With all of these extra costs you might be better off going with something that is initially more expensive, but more of what you want.

There’s no doubt that you rightly deserve to live comfortably in your dream home, but even finding your dream home requires intensive research and hard-work. But if you follow the tips stated above, you can certainly save time, money and energy.