It’s The Final Walk-Through!

a black magnifying glass is placed in front of a toy house with an aquamarine roof

You’re in the homestretch, tensions are high, you are this close to selling a home.You entered the most crucial step of the whole process. The final walk-through. The biggest thing to remember is that this is a business transaction, emotions need to be kept in check. If you follow this list you will make it out with barely a scratch.

Be there or be square.

Make sure that you are there for the final walk through, you can avoid any catastrophic setbacks by simply being on the premises.The final walk-through normally takes place 48 hours before closing. The buyers will make sure that all agreed repairs and replacements have been taken care of. You do not want the final walk through turning into another inspection, so make sure that everything is in order. Your presence will help ensure that things go smoothly.

If you have left the home vacant double check everything.

Normally when selling a home you would move out well before the final walk through, so if the house has been vacant for a lengthy amount of time, be sure that you go through everything. You will want to take care of any damage that may have transpired, such as a leaky faucet causing water damage or neighborhood teenagers deciding to throw a little get together on the vacant property.

a man and a woman are inside an empty room where the man is pointing at the ceiling and the woman is holding a clipboard while looking at where the man is pointing

Make it clean, make it safe.

Make sure that you do a deep clean before leaving the house, if it is at all possible hire a professional and have it thoroughly cleaned. It will be one less thing that the buyers will have to take care of and they will be grateful for it. Make sure that the carpets are cleaned as well, you do not want any stains or lingering odors wafting through the air during the final walk through. Any defects or damage is much more noticeable in a vacant house.

Don’t leave anything behind.

The attic and garage are notorious for housing discarded and forgotten items that accumulated over the years. Scour them from top to bottom for any leftover items such as old paint, tires, Christmas decorations, and old tools that may have been tucked away for safe keeping.

a man and a woman is inside an empty kitchen where both are looking at the clipboard that the woman is holding

Do a final walk-through before the final walk-through.

A day or two before the final walk-through is scheduled to do a walk-through of your own. Make sure that all the above has been completed, bring along a checklist:

  • Turn all the lights on and off to make sure that they are in working order
  • Check all the major appliances
  • Turn all of the water faucets off and on, checking for leaks. Flush the toilets
  • Turn the air conditioner and the heater on and off
  • Make sure that the garage door openers work
  • Make sure that the hot water heater is working
  • Check that all the appliances have their manuals and warranties with them
  • Do a visual check of the walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Check the storage areas for potentially hazardous materials that have been left behind
  • Check to make sure that any and all repairs that you have agreed upon are completed.

And that’s it, you are done and ready for your the final walk-through. Now you can go and walk on to the next chapter of your life, and watch your new dreams come true.